How to use the material

All the arrow vector and bitmap data stored in this website can be used for web designs, DTP works, Power Point, Excel or Word document for free. But any of the material may not be redistribute nor sell. You can find different shapes and colors in a folder so click the thumbnails and see jpg or png download pages to see what kind of shapes and colors we provide for each design. [file format we provide] You can have our material files in illustrator ai, png and jpg. Sometimes there are some photoshop PSD files. Basically, the PNG files has transparent backgrounds so it would fit for most of the needs. If you want to edit them, download AI or PSD files and use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

You can edit with Illustrator a bit and finish it with Photoshop, and vise versa. You can do it in your own way.

Adobe イラストレーター
Adobe photoshop
[How to find right vector and bitmap data] The arrows are categorized in different shapes so select links in the sidebar. If you select icons in the sidebar, you can see the list of similar arrow designs. [There are colored and white base versions, too] If you find right shape, click PNG or JPG buttons, choose icons below the sample image. You can find the ones with no color, different colors and white base versions and so on. [About the usage] - Using the vector and bitmap data in commercial websites. —OK.
- Using the materials in DTP works for business. —OK.
- Using the vector and bitmap data in business project books and document for presentation. —OK.
- Changing the colors and shapes of the materials. —OK.
- Using as a part of logos. —OK.

- Selling vector and bitmap data at commercial websites such as shutter-stock. —Don’t do that.
- Redistributing the materials. —Don’t do that.
- Downloading big big amounts of material though you have no plan to use. —Don’t do that.
- Poke someone with arrows. —Don’t do that.


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You can edit the arrow materials with graphic applications such as Adobe illsutrator or Photoshop.